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A wonderful novel from a major new voice in tween girl fiction, with a stunning new cover look. Tiff's mum is a thief and she's about to get caught...Twelve-year-old Tiff loves her mum, Carla, who is glitzy and fun and always coming home with shiny new amazing stuff. The trouble is, Tiff's mum doesn't buy things, she takes them. The fact is, Tiff's mum is a thief...When Carla gets caught, Tiff's shiny life is ruined. She's packed off to a remote island to live with Carla's family. A family her mum never even talks about and that Tiff has never even met! How can she survive in this dull, dull place? But the island of Sark isn't as awful as Tiff imagined it would be. The islanders are kind and honest and she's happy spending time with them. So three months later, when it's finally time for her mum to join her, Tiff can't help feeling more than a little bit worried...
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Herecká kariéra Rudolfa Hrušínského (17. 10. 1920 – 13. 4. 1994) započala ještě před narozením, když jeho maminka Hermína Červíčková hrála těsně před porodem na jevišti v Novém Etynku.